About the last days of the launch campaign

After a few days of rest, we are here again with a small report! 🙂

On this day, the teams presented their technical reports for the jury and other teams. The material of the presentations had to be delivered by 8 am, our presentation was finally around 15 o’clock in the afternoon.
Our presentation was very good! One member of the jury, in line with the previous day’s promise, asked about the operation of one of the sensors. Another jury member was interested in scientific part of our experiment, and we also presented them our outreach program.
The photo shows a slide of our presentation showing a graph of our results measured with the spectrum analyzer.

After our presentation, several other teams and accompanying teachers congratulated us, which was a pleasure for us. 🙂
There was a possibility in our minds that we could even win the competition! In technical implementation (3D design and implementation, programming, electronics) our team had the best results.
Finally, the jury decided to award us a special prize for our performance! This is a huge success for us, no such prize has been awarded to anyone in this competition.
The picture shows our prize with Paxi, the cabala of ESA:

We spent the evening with the rest of the teams and we rested.

On the 1st everybody went to a trip: all the teams, their teachers and also the organizers.
We visited to ESA stations. At these stations satellites can be tracked, the tectonical movements can be monitored, and a terrestrial station of the Galileo system (the European equivalent of the American GPS system) can also be found here.

After that, we visited other beautiful locations on Santa Maria Island.

After lunch we had to say goodbye to the beautiful location of our competition, and we started our flight home. Our first destination was Lisbon.

We spent 2.5 hours (this was “the night” for us) at a hotel next to the Lisbon airport and then went to Frankfurt at dawn.

In Frankfurt after the landing, we continued sleeping in the waiting room, but we started to work as well, as we have to submit the final report of the competition in the next few weeks.
Finally, we said goodbye to Frankfurt and we continued our journey to Budapest.

Family and relatives were waiting at the airport for us. We could have started a few days rest before we started to work again.

Soon we will be here with a more detailed summary of technical details!

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