Our work continues!

Although the competition is over, there is a summer break in the school, but we continue our work!
We want to introduce CanSat to more and more people.

We already published our team videos on our Facebook page, but we haven’t shared them here yet.
Here are our shorter and longer team videos:

Our team is working during the summer as well, to introduce the CanSat competition to more people.
Some teams have indicated to us, that they would like to work with CanSats – this is also an extra motivation for us! 🙂

We would like to mention four major events here from the already passed part of the summer:
– Űrtábor [‘Space Camp’] – a team member, András Illyés presented in the Space Camp of the Hungarian Astronautical Society (Hungarian abbreviation: MANT)
– M5: Tudomány Minden Napra [‘M5 channel: Science for Every Day’] – an interview has been made with the team, which is going to be in a programme of M5, called Science for Every Day
– Űrakadémia [‘Space Academy’] – András Illyés from the team participated Space Academy, where the main topic was space education in Hungary
– Radio Kossuth: Közelről [‘From Close’] – András Illyés spoke in the Radio Kossuth about our achievements and future goals
Below the report of András Illyés can be read:

Űrtábor [‘Space Camp’]
I have met students between age 13-18 in the camp of MANT, who are interested and enthusiastic for space.
I gave them a one hour presentation on the CanSat competition, and about our own experiences. I tried to encourage them to work with such things – I was glad that many people turned to me with questions.
I hope, some of them are going to work with CanSats next year!

Among others, the M1 news also reported about the camp [Hungarian only]:

M5: Tudomány Minden Napra [‘M5 channel: Science for Every Day’]
The M5 channel made an interview/short report with our team in the E and V1 buildings of BME. Last year we also were in this programme with our balloon experiment, we were delighted, that this year we got the opportunity to show ourselves here as well!
We hope this will help us get the attention of more people: students who do/want to do similar activities, their teachers and potential supporters.
Soon we can be seen in this programme, we can’t say the exact time yet.

Űrakadémia [‘Space Academy’]
The Space Academy 2018 has been organized in collaboration of the already mentioned MANT and the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC). The webpage of the event can be found here.
On this event, which is mainly for the 18-35 year age-group, participated students, space researches, space engineers – representatives of Hungarian space exploration and space industry -, and teachers (e.g. teachers from BME, ELTE, who do space research or space engineering ). The event was mainly about the possibilities of the Hungarian space education: we discussed several different possibilities.
We hope that Hungary’s space research&space industry will continue to develop!

Radio Kossuth: Közelről [‘At Close’]
I was a guest at Radio Kossuth in the programme called ‘Közelről’ (which translates to ‘From Close’) on 06.08.2018, where I spoke about our achievements and future goals.
I tried to sum it up as much as possible. Let’s have the next CanSat team next year, and maybe even a CanSat Hungarian national competition! 🙂
Below is a cut interview [Hungarian only]: the interview itself can be heard after 0:36.

We hope that we can take part in similar events in the future as well and get similar opportunities for appearance too!
We would be very happy if we could bring “space” closer to more people, and show them, that space is cool. 😉

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