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The server will be unavailable due to maintenance on Wednesday, May 13 from 8:20[UTC] until 18:00[UTC].

GND app v1.1.1

Changes included in version 1.1.1 since 1.0.5: - Parallel demodulation with multiple data rates (SDRonly) and packet lengths (both audio + SDR) - Rework visualization: change the underlying class/component and add SDR visualization - Save offset separately for each satellite (for both radio and SDR) - Display beacon message among OBC telemetries on Status page - Option to save password (as cleartext) and auto login when the program starts - Only log packets that were successfully demodulated and decoded Rotator prepositioning improvements

GNDAPP update

The new version of gndapp can be downloaded from home page. Changelog: - Allow manual gain setting for SDR (by @om3bc) - Automatically set satellite ID for SMOG-P and ATL-1 (by @om3bc) - FT847 CAT can now be automatically turned on/off (by @om3bc) - ICOM: set frequency command byte order fix and remove 38400 baud rate (by @om3bc) - Misc changes under the hood

SMOG-P and ATL-1 reception minimal configuration

SMOG-P and ATL-1 reception usermanual can be downloaded from the home page.

New version of gndapp

The new version of gndapp is available for download from home page. changelog: link: - Multiple improvements from om3bc #11: 3 new radios, increased baud rates, rotator improvements, windows icon fix, misc. UI/UX improvements - RTS and DTR is set to 0 unless hardware flow control is set (i.e. TS2000) - a popular request - Revert a previous G5500 commit, fixes #10 - Update about dialog, fixes #9 - 5.12.6 is now required to ensure QTBUG-78086 is fixed (which affected serial port usage on Windows negatively). This may fix #2 as well - Ensure spectrum data is not indexed out of range (even if the packet is corrupted and contains enormous data length), fixes #8 - Misc. fixes