András Illyés

My most fascinating hobbys are diving and terraristics. Usually music can relax me the most. I have been playing music for 13 years: saxophone is my favorite instrument, but I also play the guitar and piano as well. I like to do sports, mostly I am interested in team sports. I played ice hockey for 10 years: this is the dearest sport for me.

In school I have always been interested in natural sciences (mostly I am interested in physics and chemistry, but in biology as well), but I also like informatics and mathematics too. Lately I am interested in astronomy and astrophysics too, in which subject – just like the others – I went to nation-wide competitions year after year, several times very successfully. I always loved to learn languages, I speak english, german and spanish as well.

I am working with the managing and organizing the team, and help the other teammates’ work. My own work in the CanSat is the mechanical design and production, and I work with the implementation of the hardware requirements of the targeted landing.