During the preparation for the competition we all attended the Piarists’ High School of Budapest and we were before our graduation. Because of our common technical interest we have always found the common voice. We worked together on a project in last year as well (more information about that can be found on the Piaristák az Űrben Facebook page), thus we got to know each other better, and we could work together more coordinated and organized.
Our work was rewarded with a special prize.

Further information about our team

Benedek Tomka
Programming, electronics
I do software and hardware staff as a hobby, so I'm pretty interested in embedded system design. When I'm not at my desk or piano, I'm probably running or riding Read More
Domonkos Cseh
I tried to help the progress with the help of the organizational affairs of my team. I like to play sports, I swim for many years, and I started to Read More
András Illyés
Management, mechanics, programming, outreach
My hobbys are: terraristics, diving, saxophone, ice hockey. My favorites are natural sciences, informatics. I am managing the team, and help the teammates' work. I work with the mechanics and Read More
Domonkos Dessewffy
Electronics design and build
I have always been interested in electronics, I have built my first circuits when I was twelve years old. In this project I design the circuit of the aircraft, and Read More

Our supporters

Gergő Ézsiás
3D scanning and modelling
Junior engineer of IQ Kecskemét Industrial Research Centre Ltd., who among others works with 3D technology. He helped us in 3D scanning, modeling, and also printing our finished workpieces.
Balloons and parachutes
Dr. Tibor Hegedüs and the DAMBALL team shared their experiences with us with atmospheric measurements. Zoltán Jäger: general and payload guidance Zoltán Goda: experiences about making parachutes
Antal Fodor
3D design and production
Research fellow at GAMF Department of Automotive Technologies, who helps us with the design and production of the case. We work on the mechanical design based on the experience of Read More
Dr. András Gschwindt
Team coordinator
Honorary associate professor at BME, who coordinates our team. He helps us to achieve our plans in time. He shares with us his experience regarding to his past and current Read More
Zoltán Kutasi
Targeted landing
Colleague of John von Neumann University GAMF Department of Automotive Technologies. He has a wide experience in RC flying. He helps us in mechanical and software implementation of targeted landing.
Gábor Horváth
Team leader
Physics teacher in our grammar school, who always assists us in every physics related issues if we need any kind of help. He helps us in physics related questions, and Read More
László Nánási and his team
Parachute design and production
László Nánási, János Gyémánt and Gábor Verebes gave us a hand in designing and producing the parachute. Thanks to them! Our parachute had been prepared on time and it was Read More
Emil Hödl
System administrator
IT professional at BME Department of Broadband Infocommunications, who helps us with the development of our website. He also helps us maintain our website always up-to-date, and keep our e-mail Read More
Dr. Mihály Bagány
Physical calculations
A physicist, and associate professor at GAMF Department of Automotive Technologies. He checks our physical calculations. As a model flight specialist he supports us in the topic of mechanical contruction.
János Tölgyesi
He helps with his great experience with parachutes gained during working with pico balloons and the parachute systems of them. He is a great help for us by the designing, Read More
Zoltán S. Márk
Intelligent controling algorithm
Data science expert of Brickz Technologies, a machine learning & deep learning specialist. He has helped us design and build the intelligent algorithm capable of wind modeling and control the Read More
Gábor Vásárhelyi PhD
Paragliding and drones
He is a member of the Department of Biological Physics at ELTE, works with the coordinated control of drones. He shared with us his paragliding experiences that helped us in Read More
Levente Dudás PhD
Electonics, accompanying teacher
Teacher at BME Department of Broadband Infocommunications. He contributes to the design and construction of the electronics. In addition he is our accompanying teacher, who will be with us at Read More
Zoltán Dóczi
Radios and drones
He is a radio hardware developer at the RF Sparkling engineering office. His hobby is experimenting with new RF technologies. He helped our team's work with his experience with drones, Read More
Gergő Somorjai
RC flying and drones
He is a member of the Department of Biological Physics at ELTE, works with the coordinated control of drones. He has helped us with drone tests and has shared his Read More