The launch has been done

This afternoon we launched our CanSat. We got all the data from it!

All the batteries were charged overnight, we put together the CanSat in the morning and revised it again.

Due to the great wind, the launch base had to be moved by the organizers, but our satellite has been launch with a rocket even so. At the launch base during turning on, saving the desired coordinates and testing the radio communication a member of the jury came to us, and gave us a few good advices:

The rocket accelerated for 2 seconds, then continued its decelerating climb, and finally reached a height of little over than 800 meters.

Meanwhile our team was awaiting for data.

After the CanSat was landed the local team has brought it back to us. We successfully received all data from it!
Our CanSat looked liked this after it has been returned to us (there is no sign of damage):

Tomorrow we will present to the judges and all teams our results and conclusions.

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