European Student Forum

European Student Forum

We were at the European Student Forum 2018 conference today.
You can read the summary of András Illyés below.

I participated today the European Student Forum 2018 conference organised by Space Generation Advisory Council.
The Facebook– and webpage of the event are also available.

It was inspiring to see that many others pay attention to space exploration.
I heard great presentations, and the roundtable discussions were also super!
The participants were divided into different working groups. I applied and get into working group 2, I spent most of my time at the conference with this team. Our main task in this working group was to discuss the relation of space exploration and the education. The group has been divided into smaller groups, the members of which groups examined the different aspects of the topic. My task was to examine the potential assistance areas of the university ecosystems in all educational areas related to space exploration.
At the end the working groups presented their results to each other. We commented on others results, we asked questions from each other.
Every working group made a report of the results, which have been made. Every groups has a few weeks available in order to develop this report. After that the SGAC will send these reports to the appropriate people, organizations.
We hope that space exploration can be developed also in our country!

Here are some pictures of the presentations of the working groups:

My working group (unfortunately I am sitting back on the first picture):

A group picture of the participants:

I hope I can participate similar events in the future as well!

András Illyés

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